Installing BitCurator


  • The BitCurator Environment is distributed as a Live ISO (a CD disk image) that can be used to install the software on a dedicated machine. This is recommended for production installs.
  • The BitCurator Environment is also distributed as a virtual machine that can be run in VirtualBox. This is recommended for testing the software.


Follow the link below to download current and past releases of the BitCurator Environment from the official GitHub repository. The current stable release is always at the top of the Releases page. Past and upcoming releases, along with select release notes, are in the Release Notes (GitHub) section.

Get BitCurator (ISO or Virtual Machine) 

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide provides in instructions on installation and an initial walkthrough of the BitCurator Environment. Recommended if you have not used BitCurator before! 

Installation Instructions

Installation viaLive ISO

This is the preferred method for running the BitCurator Environment.

Install the BitCurator toolset in an existing Ubuntu environment

If you have an existing Ubuntu compatible environment on either a direct partition or in a virtual machine, you can build the BitCurator stack in it.

Installation via Virtual Machine

The virtual machine version of BitCurator is useful for testing and experimentation, but it is recommended that you run BitCurator on a dedicated machine in production environments by installing from the Live ISO image.

Language Support and Ubuntu

The BitCurator Environment is built using Ubuntu, which has extensive support for a wide range of languages. However, language support packs are large. To keep the installation ISO and virtual environment small, we distribute BitCurator with only the English (US) language pack installed. Installing additional language packs is easy using the following steps. First, open the Ubuntu System Settings window by clicking on "System Settings" in the top right-hand icon in the menu bar at the top.

See the guide: Internationalization and Ubuntu

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