BitCurator projects are maintained by members of the community. Interested in being added as a member? Read about areas you can contribute to and the technologies used below! Contact with our Software Development Committee 

The code and development documentation for all BitCurator projects are maintained in Github Repositories (https://github.com/bitcurator), where both non-coding and development work is maintained and completed.

More information on using Git and Github:


There are a variety of tasks essential to the development and maintenance of BCC projects that don't require prior experience with coding. 

Testing software, documenting bugs:

Check and Confirm bugs that been submitted as issues

Issue Pages for BitCurator Projects* https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-distro/issues * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-distro-installer/issues * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-distro-tools/issues * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-distro-metadata/issues * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-access-webtools/issues * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-access-redaction/issues * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-redact-pdf/issues * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-nlp-gentm/issues * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-nlp-entspan/issues

Documentation - Take part in keeping project user and development documentation up-to-date.  

README Pages for BitCurator Projects - install and development info* https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-distro/blob/master/README.md * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-distro-salt/blob/master/README.md * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-distro-tools/blob/master/README.md * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-distro-metadata/blob/master/README.md * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-access-webtools/blob/master/README.md * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-access-redaction/blob/master/README.md * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-redact-pdf/blob/master/README.md * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-nlp-gentm/blob/master/README.md * https://github.com/BitCurator/bitcurator-nlp-entspan/blob/master/README.md

For developers

The BitCurator family of research projects include three main projects: BitCurator, BitCurator Access, and BitCurator NLP.  The repositories for each are linked below along with links to documentation for working with the technology stacks used in each project.

BitCurator Environment

The BitCurator environment is a customized variant of Ubuntu, configured using Salt Stack along with several repositories of custom tools including: bitcurator-adduser and bitcurator-metadata

Current repositories:

Optional functionality and scripts:

Technology Stack:

BitCurator Access Webtools

The BitCurator Access Webtools project is comprised of a single  repository. The README provides instructions for both end users and  developers to clone and build from source.

Current repository:

Technology Stack:

BitCurator Access Redaction Tools

The BitCurator Access Redaction tools project is comprised of two  repositories. The READMEs provide instructions for both end users and  developers to clone and build from source.

Current repositories:

Technology Stack:

BitCurator NLP Tools

The BitCurator NLP project includes several repositories. The topic  model generation environment (bitcurator-nlp-gentm) enables automatic  extraction of text from heterogeneous document collections within disk  images to generate user-browsable topic models within a web browser. The disk browsing environment (bitcurator-access-webtools) provides  full-text browsing of documents contained within disk images, along with (in progress) analysis of entities identified within those documents.  Various command-line tools are provided in another repository  (bitcurator-nlp-entspan).

Current repositories:

Technology Stack: